Monday, 28 January 2013

23 pictures of flooding.

So as many of you may know we on the east coast of Australia had quite the sizable storm over the long weekend. I adore that kind of weather until it starts destroying lives and properties.
Logan, which is about 10 minutes from where I live was evacuated due to quite severe flooding, my suburb also experienced some major flooding in parts. That being said we came out relatively unscathed but a lot of people weren't as lucky so here's sending all my positive energy to those effected by the storms and flooding.

I did manage to venture out yesterday afternoon and get a few photos of the damage. It was so surreal seeing everything underwater. Also the amount of bugs escaping the flood water was insane! There were even a few clinging to a piece of styrofoam trying to float to safety!
What I wasn't surprised to see though were people swimming in flood water and teenagers driving their 4x4's through flood water just because they can. Seriously people! I mean I saw snakes swimming around where a lot of kids were playing, just because there is water where it shouldn't be doesn't mean you should swim in it!

So here are 23 images of the flooding  in my area...enjoy!

Crazy huh?! As you may have guessed the shoot I had planned for Monday couldn't go forward but hopefully we will be able to try again really soon. I wish I had more news but the crazy weather is the only thing that has happened since my last post.
So on that note I shall leave you and see you next time hopefully with the results of the wedding test shoot.
As always stay safe and thanks for reading/viewing...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fewer Than Usual, But Still Awesome

So I didn't get to do my shoot this week but its ok because I have an excellent excuse! I am doing the test shoot for my very first ever wedding shoot on Monday!!! So my brain has been entirely consumed by wedding/engagement shoot ideas. So next weeks post will (with the bride and grooms permission of course) have pictures for their shoot ^_^.

Despite my brain being full I still managed to take some awesome shots this week. There aren't as many as usual but without further adieu here they are.

So there you have it! What do you think? ^_^ The one of my best friend Sarah is my favorite!
In other news my store still isn't up,we've hit a few speed bumps but I will keep persevering and keep ya'll posted.
Also I didn't get into uni, bummer right, but I have decided to do two more distance ed units both photography related and then start at CATC, Brisbane in June and do my Diploma of Photo Imaging and then try again for uni ^_^ .
Well on that note, I shall leave you and see you again next week with the results of  the wedding test shoot/ engagement shoot.
As always, stay safe and thank you for reading/ viewing...

Sunday, 13 January 2013

As always I underestimated the busyness of Christmas.

So I should have done about five blog post by now but, as you do, I completely underestimated how busy Christmas would be not to mention the fact that my family's Christmas was almost two weeks after actual Christmas, because my dad was away for work. So it has taken until now for everything to settle down, my computer room has also been an oven and resulted in us moving my pc to the end of our bed so I could actually get some work done with out dying.

All of that being said the last five weeks have been spectacular! I have spent so much time with my family and friends, my dad made the most amazing Christmas dinner ever, I tried German food which was phenomenal,  I woke up at sunrise and got my trespasser on in an abandoned warehouse and got some amazing shots and I have not one but two shoots organized for the weeks ahead. I also got a studio kit and a flash gun for Christmas so I'm well on the way to having all the equipment I need.
I have also found myself a printer so I can finally get my Etsy store up and running HUZZAH!!!

Alright enough about me, here are my favorite photos from the last 5 weeks ^_^

I will be doing a new post every week from now on so stay tuned. If all goes to plan next weeks post will be about my shoot with my gorgeous model the lovely Miss Jenna Colivas who also just so happens to be my cousin. With any luck I should have my store up and running with in the next week or so and I will also find out if I got into Griffith on Thursday so wish me luck.
As always thank you for reading my blog/ viewing my pictures and stay safe!