Friday, 14 February 2014


So a few weeks ago my photo imaging class and I had our very first exhibition, it was such an awesome experience and an incredible learning opportunity. Everyone produced such amazing work and opening night was a huge success. Only one more semester left and I'm done!
In the grand scheme of things six months is an incredibly short period of time that being said I feel as though I've grown exponentially not only in my work but as a person, I mean I still have an incredibly long journey ahead but I'm not nearly as terrified as I was this time last year.
On to my exhibition piece.
My initial idea was to do a series on mental illness. Mental illness has always been present in my life in it's various forms and manifested in various people in my life. So I wanted to visually represent a handful of mental illness, but as was part of the possess I developed my idea and it evolved from that initial thought into my final series entitled "Where is my mind".
While thinking about all these other people and what goes on inside their heads it occurred to me that I was focusing more of my thoughts on the minds of others and less on what I was actually thinking. Over the last few years I found myself shutting out a lot of my thoughts to the point where I almost wasn't thinking at all, I just existed, I didn't think critically at all I didn't question anything. So I started listening and interpreting those thoughts, most of them stem from a slightly darker place full of self doubt and depression which is kind of a downer but I guess I needed to get it out and I feel better for it. Though I will say it was great creative fuel it really played havoc with my head and I feel like I stayed in that dark place a little too long and spiraled entirely too far down, but I'm on my way up and and my mind has become so much more open.
I came up with a total of ten images six of which I exhibited. I'm incredibly pleased with what I managed to come up with though some of them are more literal than others and I need to work on my symbolism.
So here they are, the final six...

They are a bit all over the place but then again so was my brain when I created them. I am currently working on two new series both for college so watch this space.
As always stay safe and thanks for reading/ viewing.

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