Thursday, 21 March 2013

Alice in Wonderland: The Photo Shoot

This Sunday just past I was able to bring a concept I had had for a long while into a reality.
With the help of my insanely multi-talented make up artist Miss Alyce Chapman and my unbelievably gorgeous and incredibly talented model Miss Monique Hope we made my Alice in Wonderland dream come to life.
It was shot at the Cabarita Headland on the NSW far north coast at entirely too early in the morning. It was hot, there were mosquitoes and one particularly persistent march fly but I was beyond amazing!!!
Everything went exactly how I had envisioned it!
Monique, who has never modeled before, was a tour de force!!! She needed little to no direction, she knew exactly what to do, and she was the purest embodiment of Alice there could ever be. All I needed to do was tell her where to go and she took care of the rest.
Seriously keep your eyes peeled for this girl because she is going to be famous!

So with out further adieu here are a few shots from the shoot! I will be uploading all of photos from the shoot to my Penny Lane Photography Facebook (the link is at the top of the page).

So there you have it! My Alice shoot is done and dusted! When I'm rich and famous I will revisit it, hopefully with Monique as my model, and do it bigger and better.
Again thank you to the two wonderful girlies who made this dream a reality, thank you Bradley for making countless trips to and from the car not to mention putting up with my craziness the night before and just being an all round fantastic assistant and boyfriend, thank you Tanya for letting my borrow your beautiful cake stand and lastly thank you Chrissy (Monique's mum) for allowing Monique to do this for me and also for your cupcake stand even though we didn't use it ^_^.

If you would like to utilize Miss Alyce's services here is her Facebook page. She is an extremely talented make up artist, nail technician, beauty therapist and hairdresser so check her out.

On that note I bid you farewell and as always stay safe and thank you for viewing/ reading.

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